Silence is golden, as the well-known song goes. And in this day and age it may be even rarer than gold itself. During a silent yoga and meditation retreat, the focus of your attention which is usually looking outside yourself for fulfillment, changes to an inner awareness of yourself.

This shift in attention to a sense of self from within brings awareness of the space in which thoughts arise. You can reaffirm this connection with your deeper intelligence instead of going along in a – seemingly – endless movement from thought to thought. In stillness you become aware of the present moment. This moment reveals an openness and freedom that is always there.

During our retreats we like to combine meditation with relaxing activities like walking in nature, swimming, canoeing and yoga. All of the activities are offered in an atmosphere of openness in order to enable you to enjoy the beautiful environment as much as you like. These activities can benefit the experience of greater stillness within yourself. A silent retreat can be an attunement and reawakening to your own true nature and gives clarity, revitalizes and brings more compassion to your life.