Lakeside Retreat is situated in the tiny village of Glava-Gränsjön, made up of only a few houses and located in the beautiful Glaskogen Nature Reserve, in the province of Värmland. Our place is directly connected to the 300 km walking trails and within walking distance of several of the 80 lakes in the Reserve, and with the larger Stora Gla and Övre Gla nearby at 3,2 km and 5,5 km distance. Not only is the area one of the most beautiful in Värmland with rich and varied animal and plant life – moose, hare, fox, roe, badger, lynx and even wolves are common animals in Glaskogen – there are miles of hiking paths and canoeing routes for both long and short trips.

It’s one of the few places in Europe where you can still wander through primeval forest for hours at a time without encountering a single soul. In winter time, if there is enough snow, a 5 km ski track is prepared with its starting point in Lenungshammar. The frozen lakes are perfect for long-distance skating.

A stay at Lakeside Retreat gives you a wonderful opportunity to spend time in nature, a lifestyle which forms an essential part of Swedish culture. In Sweden and Norway they call this “friluftsliv”, meaning “free air life”. When you experience the outdoors on a more regular basis it creates a more balanced way of life.

For more information about the area and Glaskogen you can also visit the website of the tourist agency visitvärmland.