12 – 18 October, 2023  BMRT: Body Mind Reset Technique | a 5-day Training Course with Breda McQuaid (English) | Actual course days 13-17 October

 Reset your body and mind back into optimal health

We hereby present you with a unique opportunity to experience a deep reset for your body and mind while learning the unique Body Mind Reset Technique during this 5 day training course. After these 5 days participants will be able to work with the BMRT themselves. 

In this BMRT retreat you will explore and practice how to find and reset old conditionings and patterns stored in our body and mind that disable us from living our full potential and experiencing ourselves as whole. BMRT is a simple and easy way back to who you truly and fully are, and back to your optimal health. Breda McQuaid who developed this technique, offers a wonderful opportunity to attend the BMRT training here in Sweden at Lakeside Retreat Center in the beautiful nature reserve Glaskogen.

BMRT teaches us about the unconscious mind, primitive brain, general adaption syndrome (Hans Selye) and integrating the teachings and theories of Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Gabor Mate, to help the student understand how disease, anxiety and illness could be linked to or caused by limiting beliefs or past unresolved events or traumas and how they are sometimes unable to be resolved by conventional medicine or therapy alone. 

The student will have many opportunities during the 5 days to observe, implement and perform BMRT, which will demonstrate to the student how anxieties or other negative emotions, limiting beliefs and events still active in the unconscious mind can be resolved in a very short time. The technique teaches you how to disconnect the original trigger which has created this problem, which is still active in the unconscious mind causing a primitive brain response and then rest the unconscious mind in a positive way, which is a permanent reset, only required to be activated one time for each particular issue. This means when treating someone it is possible to reset many presenting issues in a one-hour session.

Participation fee is 1950 euros for the whole week and includes the training, training material, food and accommodation. The 12th and 18th of October are travel days (arrival and departure), the actual course days will be 13/14/15/16 and 17 October.

The BMRT training will only take place with a minimum number of 12 participants. Here is the information link to the website of BMRT and the course.


23 – 30 July, 2024  Kriya Yoga retreat          

This Kriya Yoga summer retreat offers you a unique program with guided meditations by spiritual leader and Kriya Yoga teacher Rajarshi Peter van Breukelen. Kriya Yoga is a golden opportunity to reach higher states of consciousness and positively change your life. Kriya Yoga meditation enhances the experience of inner silence and peace, and brings an awareness that can transform you and realign you with your true self.

This special Kriya Yoga Retreat program is held annually. It is a special fundraising program to support the non-profit organization Hand in Hand.

In addition to the daily meditations there will be plenty of opportunity for walking, swimming, canoeing and practicing yoga.

All of the activities are offered in an atmosphere of openness in order to enable you to enjoy the beautiful environment as much as you like, and can benefit the experience of greater stillness within yourself.


The program consist of:

  • 2 daily meditations
  • hatha yoga classes
  • nature walks in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve
  • canoe trip on the beautiful lakes with a picnic
  • campfire sharing (when there is no risk of forest fire)
  • swimming & boating in the shimmering blue lakes
  • time for personal contemplation and relaxation

Participation fee

The participation fee for the retreat program is 850 euros. This includes the fundraising fee for Hand in Hand, full accommodation, three healthy, vegetarian meals a day, all meditations and activities. Not included in the price are the airport pick-up service (150 euros both ways), pick-up from train or bus station (these are optional and can be arranged for a fee), and individual travel costs to Sweden and Lakeside Retreat. Included is the 25 euro maintenance fee for the Glaskogen Nature Reserve. It enables the maintenance of all the trails, shelters, lakes, camping sites, firewood and toilets available to us.

This Kriya Yoga fundraising program is open to everyone already initiated in the practice of Kriya Yoga by an authorised teacher. You can be initiated during the program. If you wish to participate but are not yet initiated, please contact us. For information about Kriya Yoga see our page on retreats or go to the international website of Kriya Yoga.

For questions, information and registration you can contact us at info@lakesideretreat.org or call +46-(0)73-0913685 or +46-(0)73-0777357. We will be happy for the opportunity to help you in any way we can.