Our place in Glava-Gränsjön is situated within the Glaskogen Nature Reserve. Glaskogen is located in Arvika County in the Värmland region, about three hours from Gothenburg by car. The nearest places to travel to are Arvika, Årjäng or Säffle. From Arvika there is a bus connection to Glava, a short drive from here. In all cases a pickup will need to be arranged, since we truly live in nature.

Transport in Sweden is reliable and easy to navigate. Buses and trains are comfortable, with plenty of services on board and in stations. A good option is to use the function in google maps to search for best connections (car, train or bus), which will give you an indication of the various options. You can find another trip planner at https://reseplanerare.resrobot.se.


Coming by car is great if you want to explore smaller roads and remote places or simply want to be more mobile. Sweden is a very relaxed country to drive in but heed the speed limits! Speeding tickets are extremely high in Sweden (and even worse in Norway). And in the more remote area’s there really is a chance a moose or deer will step in front of your car. So if you think the road is empty and go for it: don’t.

Rental cars are available at airports, driving from Stockholm takes about 4 1/2 hours, Gothenburg Landvetter 3 hours and from Oslo Gardermoen 2 ½ hours. If you are renting a car you can also fly to another, smaller, Norwegian airport: Oslo Torp Sandefjord. Flights are usually cheaper as well as the prices of rental cars, but the drive will take you 3 ½ hours.


International flights to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo (Norway, we are near the border) are frequent. The international airport of Gothenburg and Oslo (Gardermoen) are nearest to us. Stockholm Arlanda airport is 4 ½ hours away. There are several ways to travel from Gothenburg, Oslo or Stockholm to Säffle (train stop), Arvika (the nearest bigger town here) or Årjäng, where the cheaper Flixbus has a stop from both airports.

The drive (with a rental car) from Gothenburg Landvetter airport is about 3 hours, from Stockholm Arlanda it’ll take you around four and a half hours. Since we are close to the Norwegian border, it is only a two and a half hour drive from Oslo Gardermoen international airport.


From Gothenburg-C (Nils Ericson Terminalen) take the train to Säffle (direction Karlstad). We can arrange a pickup there. Trains become very cheap if you book your tickets in advance.

There are regular train connections between Stockholm Central Station and Arvika, as well as frequent trains from Stockholm Arlanda airport to Central Station (express). You will either need to take a train or bus from the airport to Stockholm Central Station. Direct rail connections are available between Stockholm Central Station and Arvika, travel time is about 3-4 hours. From Oslo Gardermoen there is also a good train connection to Arvika. A good alternative is the train to Oslo-S (central bus and train station and a flixbus from there to Årjäng, where we can pick you up.

For travel by bus and train in Värmland: journeyplanner

For travel by bus and train in Sweden: https://kopbiljett.resrobot.se/en/#/

For Swedish rail tickets on SJ website and for Norwegian rail on Vy website. Or go to the wegsite for Scandic trains here.

For trainpasses check out: http://www.acprail.com, http://www.scandinavianrail.com (https://shop.scandinavianrail.com/#/ptp/point___to_point_tickets/), , http://www.happyrail.com


From Gothenburg Landvetter airport take a bus with Flygbussarna (there are also other options like Bus4you) to Gothenburg -C (Nils Ericson terminalen, the central bus and train station). From there you can take a train in the direction of Karlstad (get off at Säffle, we can arrange a pickup there).

Flixbus is a very cheap option. In the main tourist season there is a direct Flixbus connection between Oslo Gardermoen airport and Årjäng. This would be the cheapest and fastest option if it runs. Flixbus also has very cheap and fast connections between Oslo-S (Oslo central bus and trainstation) and Årjäng, and between Stockholm Arlanda airport and Årjäng.  Take a train from Oslo Gardermoen Airport to Oslo-S. There is a very good connection by airport express train that goes every 10-20 minutes called Flytoget. Flixbus has a website with a search option in many languages per country. Check the luggage restrictions. In general you are allowed 1 suitcase and 1 handluggage. Services are available at several times during the day (although from Arlanda they tend to go early in the morning and late at night, which is not convenient for arrival).

Nettbuss.se also has buses between Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Årjäng, as well as between Oslo Gardermoen and Årjäng. Nettbuss also offers relatively cheap tickets from Oslo airport to Oslo-S (with Flybussen.no) with a connection to Årjäng (with bus4you, book through nettbuss.se). From Oslo Airport travel to Årjäng takes about 3 to 3 ½ hours. From Stockholm it is about 6 ½ hours.

From Årjäng busstation you can take the Värmlandstrafik bus #104 towards Arvika. Change at Sulvik (stop Sulvik-Macken) to #108 bus to Glava. From the city of Arvika you can also take Värmlandstrafik bus #108 to the town of Glava. These services are infrequent, especially on weekends, so check the timetable carefully beforehand. Go here for explanation in English. Ask the driver to let you off at the ICA supermarket in Glava – from there it is a short drive for us to collect you.